She's Tired

by - 5:22 AM

Sometimes, she just needs you to be the kiss her on the cheek, and tell her that she is beautiful. 

sometimes, she just needs to know you care enough to be ready and on time. 

sometimes, she will need you, not for advice, but to hold her close to your chest, so she can listen to your heartbeat. 

she’s strong, but everyone has their breaking point. 

she wants a man who can turn her weaknesses into strength, not someone who chastises her for not being good enough, but someone who lifts her up, when she’s about to fall. 

she wants a man ready to fight for her, not because he has too, but because he’s willing to give up everything to make sure she’s ok. 

he doesn’t have to be perfect either, hell she doesn’t expect him to be, but she expects him to be honest. to tell the truth even when it hurts because she’d rather live in fear than in denial. 

she doesn’t want a lot a things, just enough to know that she matters. to know that even when you might disagree, at least she knows she’s been heard. 

and if you give her these things i promise you she will give you everything in return. sometimes, even more than is given back. why? because she will love you, and she will love you deeply, enough to move the stars, and the ends of earth. she will love you even when everyone else disagrees. why? because by showing her these things it proves to her you are the man she always thought you would be.

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