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New year, new hair…JUSTIN BIEBER and his girlfriend, SELENA GOMEZ, are rocking new hairstyles for 2012. Isn’t great to be young, in love, and concurrently in touch with each other’s crowning glory.

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For Justin, it isn’t so much a new ‘do as a resurrection of an old one…something we haven’t seen in quite a while: that sideswept bowl cut which made every young girl swoon the moment he went “baby, baby, baby…oooohhhhh” way back in 2008. And Selena…well, Selena went go-for-broke with some eye-popping color…
“Change is good”
Selena wrote on her Twitter page, posting an accompanying photo featuring her brightly-colored electric blue and lavender locks.
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Justin, on the other hand, made no such new hairstyle announcement of his own, but simply showed up at the 2012 International Consumer Electronic Show with his new hair, and fiddled with a robot that appeared to have a speaker attached to its groin.

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Does sporting these new ‘dos mean both Justin and Selena are displaying new outlooks for 2012, as well? It seems they both went in different directions altogether, with Justin opting for a “blast from the past,” and Selena exploring heretofore unchartered punk territory.

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