Justin Bieber Announces 'Believe' World Tour

by - 10:25 AM

Justin Bieber Announces 'Believe' World Tour!
Justin Bieber makes an appearance onThe Ellen DeGeneres Show to make a big announcement on an episode airing Wednesday (May 23).
The 18-year-old singer told the audience and millions of viewers that he is about to embark on a world tour to support his new album Believe!

“So Justin and I talked before the show and he said, I want to announce my tour and I said well, if you’re going to announce your tour. You should at least let everyone here have a chance to go. So thanks to American Express everyone here [in the studio audience] is getting a pair of tickets,” Ellen said.
Justin presented Ellen with a gift during the show – a “Girlfriend” jacket to match his “Boyfriend” jacket.

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