Justin Bieber loves Indonesia

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Justin was heavily criticized by Indonesian beliebers, musicians and radio DJs, after his “random country” statement referring to Indonesia at the Supperclub in London about his new album, “Believe.”
After the controversial statement, Justin said on Monday that he loves Indonesia and Indonesian fans.

“One rumor I won’t stand for is saying what me and my fans have isn’t real, Indonesia I see you. I love you. I love all my fans. #fact.
“You can’t break us. All the lies and rumors in the world can’t phase us. This is #family.”

Justin’s messages have prompted positive reactions from Indonesian beliebers.

“I cried when I saw Justin tweeted something about Indonesia. Beliebers Indonesia Loves Justin Bieber.” -@JbieberofIndo
“IM A BELIEBER AND I LOVE JUSTIN. mad? Stay mad;) Beliebers Indonesia Cinta Justin Bieber♥” -@iSwagGrexy
“Beliebers Indonesia Cinta Justin Bieber is on TTWW, the meaning is Indonesian Beliebers Love Justin! @justinbieber :’) #muchlove #family.” -@SparklingBiebur

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