I do not know a suitable title for this story ._.

by - 2:54 AM

Bosan bosaaan~
everyone at home is a bitch,shhh -_-
I do not know what to do, I just woke up, yeah it's crazy I slept from 7am to 2am,hahaha
for a long time i didn't write and suddenly I wanted to write here.
but now i'm confused what i want to write about ._.

oh yeah I just finished watching the Korean drama called "can you hear my heart"
really exciting story, full of conflict. I seldom watch Korean dramas but I really like this drama and the players are also handsome and pretty :D
I was a little difficult to tell the story because so many conflicts, so for those who are curious about it just watch this drama,this's the cover

I watched this drama because a friend recommended it, and I really like the story.
okay,kayaknya sampe disini dulu tulisan gue,bye haha maap gaje -_-

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