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today very tired but also fun: D
I want to tell all that happened on this day.
I had followed the flashmob, flashmob is the activity of the gathering of fans of justin.flashmob starting from 11 o'clock and I had just arrived at 1, it sucks because the roads are very bad, you know how jakarta-_-

When it arrived, I was confused where the flashmob, Ancol is very broad, havingasked officers any flashmob up the car to the place held.
There already gathered many fans justin, they were watching a performance of dancers, they are very cool: D


I also gained together with themthey wear shirts, pantspurple shoesbut I do not just wear pink shirts x)
we practice dance togetherit's really cool friendD
then we sang together, the song "babya lot of fun.
after that I met with Alyssa Daguise and her siblingsand they are well cuteD and you know I took pictures with them: D


after flashmob eventmy sister and I intend to go homebut when coming home I saw the cable carcable car ride I will ,i see beautiful scenery:)
I see this scene :


once completed, I will decide to go homeI and my sister put on the busway and then proceed by busand on the road is very bad-_-I fell asleep on the bus, imagine I'm in the bus for 2.5 hoursso long-_-
I finally got home safelythough very tired but today was amazingD

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