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someone who is very meaningful to me


isn't he handsome ? :*


he has many fans, but he was not arrogant and very friendly, he's very humble <3


when he sings, his voice, his style, dance take all the attention beliebers :D

He taught me to believe in the dream, because dreams will come true, he explained to me so do not give up on the circumstances as he always said "Never say Never".
journey of his life really inspired me how a kid from Canada become a star :D
his voice, his songs, how to play musical instrumentsdancing he really has a lot of talented hit me to always keep learning.
Although he has been successful has become a star, but his attitude remainedfriendly to everyone, as he put it "I will never forget where he came from"
yes she is my idol, my inspiration justinlittle boy from Canada who will never change :)

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